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Cover off. ESP32 visible.

The ZX-Wespi-Hat is a repackaging of the ZX-Wespi-MI – a modification for the ZX81 that provides 1024K of local file storage, a wifi enabled web server, and seamless hooking of the native LOAD and SAVE commands, replacing the need for a tape recorder.

The ZX-Wespi-Hat part is a printed circuit board that combines the components into a single unit and a custom case.

The ZX-Wespi-Hat includes:

  • ESP32 microcontroller board – tested and pre-loaded with the ZX-Wespi-MI firmware
  • ZX-Wespi-Hat PCB – assembled and tested
  • Interface cable – you’ll need to solder this to your computer (instructions included)
  • 3d printed case – sturdy and fashionable



Operational with the cover on. Two PCB without the ESP32 mounted.


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